Object photography

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Object description

  • Tlingit artist
  • Gaming sticks, before 1925
  • Leather, bone, wood, paint
  • Pacific Northwest Coast, North America
  • L: 27 3/8 in, W: 7 in (L: 69.5 cm, W: 17.8 cm)
  • Gift of Eugene G. Foster, 1925
  • E19306
  • Played when multiple families convened
  • Polished sticks were always decorated, however simply or elaborately
    • This game of chance, strategy, and trickery was played between two players. One shuffled the sticks and placed them in various bundles under shredded bark; the opposing player bet which marked stick was in which bundle. People gambled for furs, blankets, hunting implements and clothing or personal adornments. Avid stick game players often had their own set of gambling sticks, a pouch, and an attached bone gauge.