Object photography

View of the artwork on display in 'Power and Beauty'; Peabody Essex Museum; 2003 through 2005.
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Object description

  • Lakota (Teton/Western Sioux) artist
  • Jacket, late 19th century
  • Leather, glass, brass
  • Great Plains, North America
  • H: 32 in, W: 29 in (H: 81.3 cm, W: 73.7 cm)
  • Gift of Mrs. Amy Gillette Bassett, 1934
  • E21299
  • Makes a fashion statement with fancy beadwork
  • Displays symbols of status and rank throughout

Here, elaborate beadwork designs have been applied to a scout's-style jacket with fringe. Among the pictorial motifs that appear are: a horse and rider wearing a headdress, Morning Star (symbolizing a new beginning), Thunderbird (the omnipotent spirit being), a pipe and stem, and a tipi. Wearing it, the Native owner declared his wealth and status.