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Object description

  • Lonnie Vigil (Nambe pueblo, birth 1949)
  • Storage jar, 1999
  • Micaceous clay
  • Nambe pueblo, New Mexico, United States
  • H: 17 in, circum.: 55 in (H: 43.2 cm, circum.: 139.7 cm)
  • Museum Purchase, 2000
  • E300527
  • Vigil began his award-winning career in his early 30s, after working in finance and business
  • Revived and elevated unpainted micaceous clay (clay rich in the shiny, gold-flecked mineral mica) to contemporary artform

For many Native American artists, making art is not an isolated activity. Rather, it is connected to daily life, regardless of its form, media, or concepts. Lonnie Vigil uses techniques and materials that have been in his community for thousands of years, but marks his work with his own style and signature. For Vigil, each instance of making a work connects him to Earth Mother and with his Nambé Pueblo ancestors who worked clay before him, and who continue to guide him. This piece is characteristic of Vigil's work: a thin walled, precisely sculpted pot with a lustrous micaceous clay body.