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Object description

  • Ramona Sakiestewa (Hopi, birth 1948)
  • Emergence Divination, about 1994
  • Mixed media
  • Southwestern United States
  • H: 22 in, W: 29 3/4 in, frame H: 22 7/8 in, frame W: 30 3/4 in, frame D: 1 1/2 in (H: 55.9 cm, W: 75.6 cm, frame H: 58.1 cm, frame W: 78.1 cm, frame D: 3.8 cm)
  • Gift from James and Margie Krebs Collection of Native American Art, 2001
  • E301831
  • Images reveal visual markers of Hopi culture
  • Depicts map of night sky in 506 BC at Oraibi Village, Third Mesa at Hopi

Sakiestewa reimagines the Hopi people's emergence into this world, by recreating the night sky when the first Bean Dance may have occurred. Herringbone basketry patterns form the foundation, while a feather and the charcoal face of Massau, giver and taker of life, appear at right. Bean sprouts in the lower half symbolize the rejuvenation and fertility of the Bean Dance.