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Object description

  • Mi'kmaq (Micmac) artist
  • Pair of moccasins, early 19th century
  • Leather, wool, glass, silk
  • Northeastern Maine, United States and Canadian Maritimes
  • H: 4 3/4 in, W: 3 1/2 in, D: 8 3/4 in (H: 12.1 cm, W: 8.9 cm, D: 22.2 cm)
  • Donor unknown, before 1900
  • E3707
  • Masterful designs showcase artist's personal choices and Mi'kmaq aesthetics
  • Quillwork on vamp was a technique used to hide seam

This artist blended her personal aesthetic of vibrant design and materials with the prevailing elements of construction for moccasins from her community. Rich green silk-ribbon binding surrounds the curvilinear and floral beadwork, known as the double-curve motif, which manifests the desire to maintain balance in one's life and community.