Object photography

View of the artwork on display in 'Intersections: Native American Art in a New Light'; Peabody Essex Museum; 2006 through 2012.
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Object description

  • Possibly Huron artist
  • Moccasins, early 1800s
  • Deerskin, silk, metal
  • New York, Great Lakes, United States
  • L: 10 in, W: 3 1/2 in, D: 3 3/4 in (L: 25.4 cm, W: 8.9 cm, D: 9.5 cm)
  • Donor unknown, before 1900
  • E3712
  • Made for sale to non-Native tourists
  • Combines Native moccasin with European-style buckle boot

During the 19th century, Native women embroidered and beaded Victorian-style floral designs for sale to tourists in the Northeast. Europeans associated flowers-considered a "civilized" decoration-with femininity and beauty. Native artists replaced earlier "pagan" geometric and stylized figural motifs with flowers as a strategic move in a competitive marketplace.