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Object description

  • Ashanti artist
  • Stool, early 19th century
  • Wood
  • Ghana, Africa
  • H: 11 1/2 in, W: 18 in, D: 8 1/2 in (H: 29.2 cm, W: 45.7 cm, D: 21.6 cm)
  • Donor unknown, 1826
  • E8682


East India Marine Society Collection


This is a low stool carved from a single piece of wood. It has four legs and a central honeycomb support that sit on a flat base. The seat curves upward. Further Remarks: Ashanti personal stools, such as this, were believed to house the spirit of the owner and were regularly scrubbed to ensure spiritual purity. Upon the death of an important individual, his stool would often be blackened and kept in a sanctuary with those of other ancestors