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Object description

  • Possibly Huron artist
  • Box, 1875
  • Birchbark, moosehair, silk, dye
  • Canada
  • H: 4 in, W: 3 1/2 in, D: 3 1/2 in (H: 10.2 cm, W: 8.9 cm, D: 8.9 cm)
  • Gift of Miss Margaret H. Jewell, 1925
  • 117948



This is a small, conical shaped birch bark box - it has four sides, above which are four flaps that tie shut. It is decorated with dyed and finely applied moosehair embroidery in varying shades of dyed green, yellow, purple, black, and brown, are used to depict two images on each side of the 4-sided box. On the first side, the top half of the box shows an image of a yellow and black bird sitting in a tree. Below this is a picture of a person cooking with a pot hanging over an open fire. The second side shows a person sitting in profile in a landscape, playing an instrument, possibly a flute. Below this, two similar figures sit and stand in the landscape also playing instruments. On the third side, a bird sits in a tree, looking upward. Below this, two more birds sit in trees side by side. On the final side of the box, a man stands in a landscape, holding two items in his hands, and possibly playing an instrument. Below this is another scene of a figure in front of a pot cooking over an open flame. She appears to be playing an instrument. Each scene depicted shows the birds and figures in profile, standing on a landscape of horizontal green and yellow quills. A small purple flower appears at the top corner of each side as well. A red ribbon loops through small metal rings at the top of each section, closing the flaps of the box and tying with a red silk ribbon. The corner of each edge where the sides meets also is tied with a small red silk ribbon.