Object photography

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Object description

  • Native Alaskan artist
  • Bag, before 1884
  • Leather, ivory, wood
  • Norton Sound, Alaska, United States
  • L: 31.5 in, W: 16 7/8 in, D: 5 1/2 in (L: 80.0 cm, W: 42.9 cm, D: 14.0 cm)
  • Gift of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884
  • E1109


This is a skin bag with what is likely a float; a bone mouthpiece for inflation where the opening is. The mouthpiece is made in the position of a sharks mouth. There is a thong at the mouth and a wooden plug in the bottom with concentric rings, a bone button at the top, and two thin bone buttons near the bottom which are carved like seals heads. The bag appears to be made from a complete seal skin.