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On View East India Marine Hall, level 2

Object description

  • Tierra del Fuego and South American artist
  • Necklace, about 1800
  • Rawhide, snail shell
  • South America
  • L: 7 in, W: 3 1/2 in, D: 1/2 in (L: 17.8 cm, W: 8.9 cm, D: 1.3 cm)
  • Gift of W.B. Orne, before 1821
  • E11571
Necklace, about 1800 Rawhide, snail shells Tierra del Fuego, Chile and Argentina Gift of W. B. Orne, before 1821 E11571 Only ship's captains or supercargoes (business agents) who had rounded the Cape of Good Hope (at the southern tip of Africa) or Cape Horn (at the southern tip of South America) were eligible to join Salem's East India Marine Society. This necklace from Tierra del Fuego, a group of islands at the tip of South America, is a souvenir from one such adventure.


East India Marine Society Collection


This is a necklace composed of slightly irridescent snail shells strung on rawhide.

Exhibition History

  • East India Marine Hall, Peabody Essex Museum; November 15, 2013 through Present