Object photography

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Object description

  • Inunaina (Arapaho) artist
  • Awl case, before 1887
  • Leather, glass, metal
  • Great Plains, United States
  • L: 15 3/8 in, dia.: 1 3/8 in (L: 39.1 cm, dia.: 3.5 cm)
  • Museum Purchase, 1887
  • E1888


This is an awl case used for sewing. The object is made with a conical shaped tube of leather. The case is decorated with a beaded design of two blue and one red band with yellow dots on a white beaded background. The case is closed by sliding the beaded cuff on a double thong with large beads. Double thongs hang at the bottom with tuftless tin tassles (six on each thong) and band s of yellow, blue, red and white beads.