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Object description

  • Mabel General (Cayuga (Iroquois))
  • Sash, 1944
  • Wool, cotton, glass
  • Six Nations Reserve, New York, United States
  • L: 47 1/4 in, W: 6 3/8 in (L: 120.0 cm, W: 16.2 cm)
  • Gift of Dr. Frank G. Speck, 1947
  • E27437


This is cradle board wrapping used to secure a child to a board. The textile is made out of dark blue felt, trimmed part way up with red cotton cloth and ornamented with beadwork. The double-curve designs are done in red, white, and blue glass beads. The designs only cover a portion of the object and it is possible that the work is unfinished. There are three red ribbons at the end of the beaded side. Further Remarks: The artist, Mabel General is the daughter of Tuwedjowes, a Sour Springs Longhouse leader. The beadwork design is based on a design created by the artist's great grandmother who used it to decorate a cradleboard made by an unknown Algonquin woman.