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View of the artwork on display in 'Intersections: Native American Art in a New Light'; Peabody Essex Museum; 2006 through 2012.
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Object description

  • Rick Bartow (Mad River Band Wiyot and Yurok, birth 1946)
  • Crow Dance, 1990
  • Mixed media on paper
  • Oregon, United States
  • H: 25 5/8 in, W: 19 3/4 in (H: 65.1 cm, W: 50.2 cm)
  • Gift of Margie Krebs, 2004
  • E302343
  • Explores connections between animal and spirit worlds
  • Shows transformational imagery central to this artist's work

Here, a crow transforms into a human-or perhaps a human blends with the crow spirit. Rick Bartow speaks freely of making transformational images as therapy, following his military service in Vietnam. He suffered from post-traumatic stress and addiction, before eventually finding his way to recovery.


Signed UR, in pastel 'B[?] 90';


This image depicts the bare torso and upper body of a human-like figure with a nose and eye similar to that of a bird. This could be a mask, or the human could be transforming into a bird, or vice versa. There is an X or a cross on the figure's forehead. The figure's left side of the head is outlined in white, and is colored in in black. There are some scribbles of blue, red, yellow and green by the outlined part of the head. Horizontal stripes of blue and white sit atop the figure's head in the center. The upper left register of this work is colored in bright yellow. The stripes on the figure's proper right arm are black and read, possibly depicting adornment or body art. At the right, a series of dotted black lines runs from the figures lower arm to the bottom of the page, possibly depicting fringe or movement. Yellow, purple, green, blue, red, and black are the dominant colors made with pastels and crayons.

Exhibition History

  • Intersections, Native American Art in a New Light, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.; June 24, 2006 through November 27, 2011


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