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Object description

  • Tlingit artist
  • Dagger and sheath, before 1830
  • Steel, copper alloy, leather, plant fiber
  • Nootka Sound, Northwest Coast, North America
  • L: 24 1/2 in, W: 3 in, D: 5/8 in (L: 62.2 cm, W: 7.6 cm, D: 1.6 cm)
  • Gift of William Osgood, 1830
  • E3560


East India Marine Society Collection


This is a double ended dagger and sheath. The dagger has a long blade at one end of the handle and a short blade on the opposite end. The steel blades are set in a copper or bronze handle. The handle is wrapped with tanned skin, native fiber and braided human hair string. The blades are made from bayonets. The sheath is made with soft leather.