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Object description

  • Hopi artist
  • Dance wand, mid-late 19th century
  • Wood, pigment, feather, cotton
  • Arizona, United States
  • L: 20 1/4 in, W: 3 1/8 in, D: 5/8 in (L: 51.4 cm, W: 7.9 cm, D: 1.6 cm)
  • Gift of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884
  • E3804


Inscribed, "22839 Moquis Powell".


This is a dance wand made from a piece of flat wood cut in zig zags with triangular teeth on both sides. The ends are chipped. There is a space in the middle with no teeth. The top portion of the wand, including the tip and two side teeth, are carved separately and and attached with plant fiber twine. A feather at one end is attached to what seems to be the handle with a piece of cotton string. The whole object is painted a reddish color which is now very faded. Further Remarks: Collected by Col. T. Stevenson.