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Object description

  • Hopi artist
  • Prayer wand, mid-late 19th century
  • Wood, turkey feather, paint
  • Arizona, United States
  • L: 21 1/4 in, W: 3 3/4 in, D: 3/4 in (L: 54.0 cm, W: 9.5 cm, D: 1.9 cm)
  • Gift of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884
  • E3808


This is a prayer wand used in dance. The object is made from a flat and rectangular board with one end whittled to a handle. Three turkey feathers project from the top with four sets each of two downy feathers on the sides. The back of the wand is white and the sheaf of grain is missing (see E3807). The front is green and blue with bold designs in many colors. Identical with E3807 except that colors of squiggles at top are reversed. Further Remarks: Collected by Col. T. Stevenson.