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Object description

  • Mi'kmaq (Micmac) artist
  • Model canoe, 1840
  • Birchbark, wood, quill, spruce root
  • Northeastern Maine, United States and Canadian Maritimes
  • L: 18 1/2 in, W: 3 7/8 in, D: 3 5/8 in (L: 47.0 cm, W: 9.8 cm, D: 9.2 cm)
  • Gift of the Estate of William H. Silsbee, 1900
  • E4212




An inscription on the bottom of the canoe reads, "Tiw_ Indians N. Y. 1840".


This is a model canoe made from a single piece of birchbark lashed around a wooden rail with spruce root. There is one carved wooden thwart in the middle of the canoe. The sides are decorated with porcupine quillwork in chevron designs pointing to the middle, forming an hour glass shape where they meet. There is a blue star on each end on both sides, four in total. The porcupine quills are dyed white, blue, green, and orange. The corners are filled with fibrous material to help keep the canoe's shape. One wooden paddle.

Exhibition History

  • Shorelines, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.; 2001 through 2004