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Object description

  • Anishinaabe (Chippewa/Ojibwa) artist
  • Tomahawk, before 1825
  • Wood, steel, paint
  • Great Lakes, North America
  • L: 29 1/2 in, W: 12 in, D: 3 in (L: 74.9 cm, W: 30.5 cm, D: 7.6 cm)
  • Gift of Colonel Enos Cutler, 1827, 1827
  • E6642


East India Marine Society Collection


This is a tomahawk with a triangular steel blade inserted into a wooden spherical ball, which is painted red. The ball forms the end of a long flat wooden handle which wraps around so that the blade remains at a 90% angle to the rest of the tomahawk. The sides of the handle are painted black and the top and bottom portions of the handle are painted red.